Placeholders In The Heart

This blog is entitled ‘birobasher’, because of the countless number of them I’ve emptied, broken or lost filling notebooks with ideas and thoughts meant to become finished work. The notebooks, papery removable flash drives from the USB socket in the base of my skull.

I’m an aspiring writer (yeah, one those people) taking the opportunity of unexpected thinking time and mental freedom afforded by redundancy, to get something not just written, but finished. This blog is intended as a place for me to ‘think out loud’ about writing, including my own. Apart from showing any progress in my own screenwriting it will include reviews of film or TV with particular reference to the script, as well as prose stories and even the occasional haiku.

But in addition, I will be publishing an archive of my arts journalism from the 90s, in particular from The Big Issue In The North. This is instructive as much for me as anybody else: when I read through my old work, I’m glad that my writing has changed over the years, even though I’ve not done nearly as much of it as I would like. This also causes me to wince now and then and mutter ‘Wouldn’t do it like that now’. But that’s a good thing, all told.

Watch that cursor blink.



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